Penises and Vaginas

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Everyone has their mind in the gutter. The world rotated around the penis inserting itself into the vagina. There are not too many vagina stats because they are all virtually similar. I’m sure that inside they are quiet different but really, men don’t care that much. For the most part, tighter vaginas are better but men are so horny that they don’t really care. Some men will even have sex with a watermelon and pretend it’s a vagina so vagina staticics don’t matter. The penis has lots of variations in size and shape and women notice this. Most women won’t simply use a banana because it doesn’t feel that good. With that said, penis facts are more important. Here are some penis facts that you may find interesting:

Size matters, bit not as much as you think.
A large penis hurts the woman most days of the month. fir those that don’t know about the cycle of a woman, when she ovulates, the cervix is softer to allow sperm to enter. This only lasts a few days. This is the time when sex feels the best because everything in there is soft. When it’s not ovulation time aka the other 26 days of the month, a longer penis hurts women so there blasts away the first penis fallacy is that longer is better. That is not true and there is your proof.

If you want to have a bigger penis, a penis pump won’t give it to you. They are for erectile dysfunction only. Don’t waste your money unless you can’t get an erection. Then they are worth every single penny you spend. If you want a bigger penis, you can wear an extension, but remember she probably won’t like it as much as you think she will. The best thing you can do is stop smoking. As if you needed another reason, but erections are all about blood flow and smoking reduces blood flow, therefore smoking can make your penis smaller. Who knew?

The average male orgasms lasts 6 seconds, the female orgasm lasts 23 seconds. This may be why vibrators are so much more popular then pocket pussies, women love to give themselves the long lasting orgasms. It feels so good but ladies prefer to keep that secret to themselves, that’s what sex toys are for!

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