Cold or warm? Secret to the Right Temperature.

Many women will note that the only determining factor that makes some dildos not feel very realistic is that they are cold when you first use them. They will all eventually war up as the friction in your vagina increases, but the type of material depends on how long this will take.

For some women, the chilly feel is invigorating. For most women however they prefer to have warmth because it feels more realistic. The cold feeling is not very erotic, it’s like an unwelcome intruder inside the moist warm vagina. It’s a real turn off. The best way to prevent this from happening is to first kept the dildo sit in warm water for a while and then use warming lubricant.

warming lube is a water based lubricant that has a safe ingredient in it that increases warmth as you use it. You’ll need to apply it with your hand first and stroke it a few times, like you’re giving the dildo a hand job. This will active the warming sensation on the lubricant and then when you stock the dildo in the pussy, it will be warm and moist, just like your cock.

Dildo vs. your Penis.

If you’re concerned about your penis size and think that what you have naturally is not enough to pleasure your lady, here is a wake up call for you. 26 days of the month, women actually prefer a smaller penis size.

The average penis size is only 5.5 inches the average dildo size would be about 7 inches, maybe even pushing 8 inches. So many men think that they are too small to satisfy their partner. The reality is that most women have smaller vaginal canals and when they’re not ovulating (we won’t go into gross details on what this mean) her cervix is softer and open more so she can have deeper more comfortable penetrations. When she is not ovulating, the cervix is closed and the sex can’t be so deep.  No matter what you penis size, it will be enough for about 26 days if the month. This average is on your side.

If you really want to know when she crave a bigger penis, ovulation happens about 2 weeks after her period ends. That enough detail. This is a sexual fantasy blog, not a sex blog with the gross realities of working human bodies, it’s supposed to be all in fantasy.

If you want to give her a big penis for these few days, buy a dildo. You knew it was coming to that, didn’t you!! But in all reality, there are many sizes of dildos and the most common are 6 inc, 7 inch, 8 inch and 9 inch. Most women are plenty happy with a 6 or 7 inch. When she’s ovulating, extra horny and like to be stretched a little, grab an 8 inch.

If you want to keep up with a dildo, there is a way to make your penis much harder then normal. Pump your penis with a manual cock pump to get an erection and it will surpass what you can get alone from nature. Enhance God’s gift to men with the penis pump. It’s only a temporary fix but it’s really the best way to keep up with the firmness of a dildo.

The truth is, the 9 inch is for larger women and that’s about all. Sometimes a really kinky, freaky girls will like the 9 inch because it will really stretch, but before you buy her a sex toy of this size, you should ask her first and see if she would like that.

Strap On Dildo Porn

For many people, a dildo is a kinky sex toy. For others, it’s a common, everyday item used in lovemaking. For a few couples, they want to take dildos a step further, now comes the really kinky, really freakish sex act, a woman wearing a strap on dildo and using it on her man! It’s a whole new realm of sex. Here is some good kinky porno for you, watch this crazy sex and see if it’s something you’d be interested in.

Gender bender is more popular then you think – just look at all the strap on harnesses for sale in sex shops all over, there are many shapes and sizes, from the tiny slim and curved attachments – and who do you think those are for? Why would a woman want to hAve a skinny tapered and curved dildo when she can have a lush probing penis head and thick juicy shaft? That’s right guys – these skinny dildo attachments are made for YOU!

The gender bender is a unique role play gave for couples who have a been-there-done-that sex life. If you’ve been around the block and back and are bored with anything erotic, try this new style of sex. It’s quite closeted still, some men might think that it’s gay because it involves anal sex on you with a probe, but if you’re doing it with your girlfriend, don’t worry, it’s no homo because you’re purely thinking kinky, nothing homo about this. It can be homo however if you use a open is shaped dildo on your strap on so if you’re worried about homo, stay away from the penis shaped sex toys.

For women, they like it when a man wears a strap on with a huge penis attachment, simulating grossly oversized sex. That’s a whole new fetish all together and soon there may be a post about sex with huge cocks but for now, this one if for the guys.

How to make your own dildo.

Some dildos can be expensive, way to expensive for what you get. Some women like to spend $60.00 on fake penis that doesn’t even vibrate and good for you. If you are less then financially endowed then you need a substitution. You can buy a rubber dildo for half the price, they feel somewhat real but you don’t get the softens of the really high ticket dildos.

You can get even cheaper and get a jelly dildo, they feel nice and slick but the smell is fairly nauseating. They also look funny with bright colors, not a life like experience, Sure these jelly dildos look very good in porn but if it’s just you and you want to have a life like sexual experience, the bright purple jelly penis might throw your fantasy astray. If you want to be really cheap, you can make your own dildo. This of course will be by using home items and various phallic foods you find. Here are some suggestions on what to use as a sex toy:

Make sure to wash it well because there may be pesticides on there and who know hat that will do to your vaginal PH level. The cucumber is the favorite homemade sex toy because there are no sharp edges, it’s closed and it has ribbed surface running horizontally so it can add some pleasure. It will be solid and long and not too thick so another advantage of using a cucumber as a dildo is that it won’t stretch you too much but give you enough girth to notice a feel. Sometimes they are curved which is always a nice feature.

The main reason you would want to stick this in your pussy is because it’s curved. You might be able to hit the g-spot with a banana. they are smaller to so good for beginners. The downside of bananas is that the end is usually a little abrasive which can be uncomfortable. Never peel a banana and then stick it in the vagina, not only is this a freaky image in the mind but it will break into pieces and well, you don’t want to know what will happen next.

This is only for the crazy women who are into really freaky sex. These are blunt and rounded ant can’t really be used for thrusting so I would not recommend you use this, unless you wan to be loosey-goosey and men hate that, unless they’re watching porn but in real life, men want to feel tight vaginas.

Too thin, to brittle, but the crispy factor might feel invigorating. The cup shaped stalk might be used as to pour liquid into the vagina, but that’s only if you’re a really freaky bitch. Yikes don’t even want to go there!

Strawberries and Blueberries.
These are sticky used for oral sex only. You can stick them, in and get your partner to eat them out. Not really a dildo, but it’s a fun diversion to a regular boring sex life.

Wine bottle.
This is a great toy because it’s super slick and smooth. The tapered head inserts easily and you can see you far you can insert it. It’s a great stretching tool that won’t hurt the inside of the vagina. This is a fun way for foreplay too.

You cant really reuse these fruits and objects to often because they will get rotten. The wind bottle won’t really give an orgasm because women love the feel of a probing head. Think about the long run, you can buy 15 dollars worth of cucumbers and this may last you a year. Just dish out the 15 dollars and get yourself a dildo, they last much longer and feel better then fruit.

Do you Really Need Dildo Instructions?

I don’t know why anyone would need instructions on how to use a dildo. Are you serous? It’s a replica penis. Lube it up, stick it in. In case you’re still lost and need more descriptive info, here is how to use a dildo:

1.) Lubrication.
The single most important part of using any sex toy is to have the thing lubricated. Use water based lube, silicone (although silicone lube will melt a silicone sex toy), you can use water, which is too runny and practically useless and messy you can use olive oil (if you want a raging yeast infection) you can use Vaseline (also if you want an infection) I would suggest only water based lube, although it’s free country and you can out whatever you want into you pussy hole but don;t come crying to me when you have some kind of itchy feeling or something even more gross that I don’t want to mention on my blog. Warming lube is really nice because it makes the dildo feel more penis like.

2.) Put lubrication on you, not the dildo.
This is a good tip because the whole problem with inserting a dry dildo is that it pulls your pubic hairs and tugs in your outer lips. Why not beat physics at it’s game by putting lube directly on YOU, not the dildo then you don’t waste and and the whole shaft can slide in better. While you insert it, it also lubricates the sex toy so it’s like getting the most lubrication with the least mess. Also when you lube up the whole shaft, it makes the dildo too slippery so you get a sore wrist as you need to work harder to control the motion.

3.) Thrust.
Thrust as much or as little as you want. Stick it in hard, or juts a tease. Fast, slow, all those kinds of combination, Also experience with various positrons. pretend you’re having really nasty sex and do yourself doggy styled. Squat on it, try moving about and you can experience different positions.

4.) Wash when Done.
Very important to keep it clean. If you don’t clean your dildo or any sex toy with hand soap and water when you are done having sex with yourself, then you can get an infection. You vagina is not as tough as you think and if you don;t stick clean things in there, you can get all sort of nasty things so keep it clean and wash your sex toys really well after use. Any hand soap and water will suffice.

Now go grab your dildo and have some fun with yourself!

Penises and Vaginas

Everyone has their mind in the gutter. The world rotated around the penis inserting itself into the vagina. There are not too many vagina stats because they are all virtually similar. I’m sure that inside they are quiet different but really, men don’t care that much. For the most part, tighter vaginas are better but men are so horny that they don’t really care. Some men will even have sex with a watermelon and pretend it’s a vagina so vagina staticics don’t matter. The penis has lots of variations in size and shape and women notice this. Most women won’t simply use a banana because it doesn’t feel that good. With that said, penis facts are more important. Here are some penis facts that you may find interesting:

Size matters, bit not as much as you think.
A large penis hurts the woman most days of the month. fir those that don’t know about the cycle of a woman, when she ovulates, the cervix is softer to allow sperm to enter. This only lasts a few days. This is the time when sex feels the best because everything in there is soft. When it’s not ovulation time aka the other 26 days of the month, a longer penis hurts women so there blasts away the first penis fallacy is that longer is better. That is not true and there is your proof.

If you want to have a bigger penis, a penis pump won’t give it to you. They are for erectile dysfunction only. Don’t waste your money unless you can’t get an erection. Then they are worth every single penny you spend. If you want a bigger penis, you can wear an extension, but remember she probably won’t like it as much as you think she will. The best thing you can do is stop smoking. As if you needed another reason, but erections are all about blood flow and smoking reduces blood flow, therefore smoking can make your penis smaller. Who knew?

The average male orgasms lasts 6 seconds, the female orgasm lasts 23 seconds. This may be why vibrators are so much more popular then pocket pussies, women love to give themselves the long lasting orgasms. It feels so good but ladies prefer to keep that secret to themselves, that’s what sex toys are for!

Feelin’ my Dildo.

It may be difficult to know what a dildo feels like just by looking at the picture. Most dildos look solid although you;d be surprised to know that many of them have different textures and feels. Some can be squishy when you squeeze it, others can be floppy and bend even without you moving it about. Some are more solid and rigid and some might look real but do they really feel real?

When shopping for a dildo, I would say that a good rule of thumb is that if it looks real, chances are it feels real. This only makes common sense. It’s sculpted like a penis then you know it feel like a penis. The difference lies within the material it;s made of. In my opinion, solid rubber penis dildos feel just as real as floppy silicone penis dildos. A penis is both hard and soft so these sex toys replicate that quite well. My biggest tip for making it feel lifelike is to use warming lubricant. The real penis is very warm and dildos tend to be cold. Warm it up first by putting it in aa bucket of hot (but not too hot) water and also use warming lubricant. I do both and them you can really fall away into a real man sex fantasy.

Rubber dildo can be of different consistencies. Doc Johnson dildo are on average the softest rubber dildos. Tpoco rubber dildos tend to be fore firm. I like the Doc Johnson dildos better because theory are much ore soft and floppy. Another brand tends to be more solid – and larger too. If you want a life like feeling dildo, looks for the classic dildos in about a 6 or 7 inch length, the girth is more life like and the material is softer. I also noticed that Doc Johnson dildos are much cheaper then Topco dildos. The ribbed shaft is quite life like and the head is great. These are my favorite dildos and I recommend them, as pictured below.

Here is what a Doc Johnson dildo looks like:

Silicone dildos are very comparable to jelly, the main difference being that some people are concerned about phthalates which is a chemical that is used to soften jelly. It can be toxic if exposed to much if it, although i think that the researchers and people;e have went a little too far on this, I think that as long as you wash yourself and don’t leave the sex toy inside your pussy for long periods of time (like who would anyway?) then it’d fine.

Since the 60’s or 70’s women have been using these dildo and there has been no adverse reaction and all of a sudden in this chemical age, people worry about chemicals. It’s the same as suntan lotion. Once upon a time, there were no worries and all of a sudden, it’s and thing for you. Who really knows but all can say on the topic is that jelly costs way less then silicone so I’ll stick with jelly sex toy for now, thank you very much.

The point the matter is that solid dildos and soft sex toys all feel great, so I would say to get one of each and then you can have all your bases covered. It’s nice to have some variety anyway that way you can have a different sensation and it;s not always the same feeling every time you want to pleasure yourself. Get different dildos and associate them with different fantastic to make the best of the orgasmic experience and you will love your sex toy.

Dildo Love

Women just love dildos. They love dildos better then penises. that’s a crazy claim but hear this – your penis feels nice and warm but no matter who you are, a dildo feels better. Here is why: Women love the feel of the tip. The mushroom top that gives her that little bump when you pull it out and then a push when you stick it back on. Dildos have a better head then you could ever have. Yes you please them and women can have great orgasms and you can be a powerful lover but when you use a dildo on her, it’s like a new penis and she can feel a different sensation and really enjoy it.

The head is usually the main draw for most dildos but there are some other oddball features that a man would never think a a lady would like it but they do. Some dildos have a ridges surface, like a ribbed condom times 100. The ridges surface adds lots of texture for her. Some dildos taper near the end some are fat and chubby. Some dildos are thin and flexible, some are thick and flexible and of course, some are solid.

There are so many types of dildos that I could literally type a huge redundant boring paragraph about them and then you’d be bored, but I must summed up the big dildo features that women like. The point of the whole post s that women love dildos an this website will show you how to use a dildo and give you other pleasure tips too. There is even porn advice because women love porn as much as dildos but most won’t admit it, so you can get tips on how to keep her into porn and to get her excited in more then 1 way!